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Mod Post: Brass Tacks. Or Hawaiian Shirts.

Hiya, folks.  Thanks for showing up at tonight's Not Lupus chat.  As promised, posting the salient points, in no particular order:

-- Please reply to this post with what days and times (try to convert to EST, or at least specify your TZ) you are most likely to be free for RPs.  We're hoping to find at least one day a week when we can all get together, either IC or OOC.

-- You can begin posting in your character journals and setting up RPs by late Thursday or early Friday.  House's first day back at PPTH will be this upcoming Monday.

-- Information on the first patient will become available soon.  And by soon, I mean by the weekend.  Poke me if you haven't heard from either Ry or I about this in a timely manner.

-- The community journal is for posting any and all RPs, including one-on-ones and group chats, as well as posts that everyone can react to, and hospital notices. 

-- The character journals are for first-person expression (as needed) and single-character RPs.

-- Ducklings, you should pester Ryuu and have some sort of meeting ASAP. 

-- For future Tuesday evenings, if we get together then to chat again -- which we should, because it was fun -- spoilers are not allowed.  Ami lives in the past.  Spoilers will hurt her.

It was lovely to chat with you all.  Those of you who still need to do a prequel-type chat with House, just for practice, leave me an e-mail or IM.

NL co-mod
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