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Mod Post: Cricket, Cricket

In the midst of a long day, so forgive me if this post seems a tad on the hurried or unprepared side.

I was just wondering how everyone was doing... and, more to the point, where everyone is.  Seems like our first SL is off to a slow start.  That's okay, though.  You may have had the dubious pleasure of hearing me say -- if not, you're hearing it now -- that real life issues should always come before an RPG.  And I know that certainly my life in the past week or so has been less than ideal for dedicated game play.

Hopefully we'll all be able to get Not Lupus back on track soon.  Right now, we seem to be bogged down in the ducklings post... so if the three of you could try to meet and figure out where to go from here, that'd be great.  I also propose everyone getting together for a group chat again, to touch base.  Perhaps Tuesday around 9PM EST would work for most of you?  Seeing as there's not an episode of House next week.

Just tentative plans for now.  Hope you're all okay; drop either Ryuu or I a line with questions or ideas.


NL co-mod

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Sorry for not being around. I've been studying - I had a huge exam this morning. It was for my first class in what I hope will be my minor, and the professor is the only one who teaches courses in that subject - so you can understand my desire to make a good impression. ^^;

Anyways, now that it's done with, I should be on more. I go home tomorrow, though, so don't expect me about much then.

I'll definately do my best to make Tuesday at nine.. I can do earlier if that'd be helpful. ^^
In the middle of something, so not gonna take the time to log onto House's SN: you know it's me. Hope your exam went well this morning, mate.

Dunno if earlier would help on Tuesday; we'll see when the majority of our players can make for a chat. Wouldn't hurt if you could get the ducklings together ASAP, though.