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A Word On Pairings

And now, a word from your mods...

Okay, sure. The House, M.D. television series hints at the private relationships of the characters constantly and you can make a case for just about any subtext imaginable. It’s entertaining to sit through an episode and see if anything comes up that can be construed in favor of your preferred pairing.
Here at Not Lupus, we have concluded that although there have been a lot of things that could be the precursors to an official pairing or pairings, the canon of House, M.D. does not have one. Yet. The subject of whether the show will change that in the third or subsequent seasons is certainly debatable. It’s a fun subject.
But as Not Lupus takes place in an AU Season 3, we are going into the game with no established pairings. None. We are open to any and every possibility, heterosexual and homosexual pairings. But we believe that they should develop as our community develops, as it would have to develop if this were actually the third season.

So, start thinking about what characters you would like to see together, but be prepared to play your character – be they in the main cast, another canon character, or an original creation – as unattached. Please keep this in mind when filling out an application, as well… we want to hear about your character ONLY.

Thank you.
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