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Greetings, players! 

Welcome to Not Lupus... well, specifically to the out-of-character community for the game.  Here's where Ryuu and I will make any announcements and post other mod-type things, and where we can all discuss possible storylines, plot bunnies, and points of general interest.  It's also where, if you need to be away from the game for any length of time, we ask that you make a post letting everyone know.

It looks like all of our current players have joined both the RPG and OOC comms with their character journals, but you may also watch -- though not join -- these communities with your personal LJs, in case you need a reminder on your friends' page.

I do apologize that this post wasn't done sooner.  After telling my co-mod that I'd happily do the welcome and give you guys some information, the past week became rather hectic.

So, although it's a little short notice, we were wondering if everyone would have a bit of time this weekend to meet as a group.  Doesn't have to be drastically long, but it would be nice if we could all introduce ourselves, discuss some procedural stuff.  We have a few ideas for a beginning storyline on the table, so we should talk about that.  It'll be a good opportunity to ask questions and generally hang out before the game officially starts.

As we don't know your schedules yet, we haven't set a specific time for this event.  I myself will try to be available on both Saturday and Sunday, from evening to late-night.  My AIM SN -- scruffylies -- will be on throughout the weekend, even if I'm away, so please feel free to leave messages. If for some reason the weekend falls through, try to keep Tuesday evening free (post-House, M.D., of course, sometime around 10PM EST).

I believe that's all I have in terms of information at the moment.  Once again, I heartily welcome you all to the game! 

NL co-mod
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