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The OOC community for "Not Lupus"'s Journal
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in The OOC community for "Not Lupus"'s LiveJournal:

Monday, February 26th, 2007
9:21 pm
Mod Post
I'm going to take the lack of complaints to my last post as general agreement.  So around this time tomorrow -- Tuesday, February 27th around 9PM -- we're all going to meet to discuss Not Lupus.  I'm still rather ill, so from where I'm sitting the chat won't be very long. I'll also probably be running late.  First couple of people online: create the chatroom and hang out.

Take care.  Talk tomorrow!

Current Mood: sick
Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
1:01 pm
Mod Post: Cricket, Cricket

In the midst of a long day, so forgive me if this post seems a tad on the hurried or unprepared side.

I was just wondering how everyone was doing... and, more to the point, where everyone is.  Seems like our first SL is off to a slow start.  That's okay, though.  You may have had the dubious pleasure of hearing me say -- if not, you're hearing it now -- that real life issues should always come before an RPG.  And I know that certainly my life in the past week or so has been less than ideal for dedicated game play.

Hopefully we'll all be able to get Not Lupus back on track soon.  Right now, we seem to be bogged down in the ducklings post... so if the three of you could try to meet and figure out where to go from here, that'd be great.  I also propose everyone getting together for a group chat again, to touch base.  Perhaps Tuesday around 9PM EST would work for most of you?  Seeing as there's not an episode of House next week.

Just tentative plans for now.  Hope you're all okay; drop either Ryuu or I a line with questions or ideas.


NL co-mod

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, February 11th, 2007
11:42 pm
[ the call for ducklings ]
Hey, all! 'Tis your friendly neighborhood Ryuu here, putting out a call for Cameron and Foreman.

If y'all could stop by for a chat on AIM after Tuesday's House episode, we'd really appreciate it. O'course, if you can't, just please let us know before then.

Anywho, the meeting probably won't take too long (provided we don't get too off-track - good luck with that, I know). So, yes..

I promise to actually show up this time. >>; *cough*

See you then? :D

- Ryuu

Current Mood: sleepy
Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
2:24 am
Mod Post: Brass Tacks. Or Hawaiian Shirts.
Hiya, folks.  Thanks for showing up at tonight's Not Lupus chat.  As promised, posting the salient points, in no particular order:

-- Please reply to this post with what days and times (try to convert to EST, or at least specify your TZ) you are most likely to be free for RPs.  We're hoping to find at least one day a week when we can all get together, either IC or OOC.

-- You can begin posting in your character journals and setting up RPs by late Thursday or early Friday.  House's first day back at PPTH will be this upcoming Monday.

-- Information on the first patient will become available soon.  And by soon, I mean by the weekend.  Poke me if you haven't heard from either Ry or I about this in a timely manner.

-- The community journal is for posting any and all RPs, including one-on-ones and group chats, as well as posts that everyone can react to, and hospital notices. 

-- The character journals are for first-person expression (as needed) and single-character RPs.

-- Ducklings, you should pester Ryuu and have some sort of meeting ASAP. 

-- For future Tuesday evenings, if we get together then to chat again -- which we should, because it was fun -- spoilers are not allowed.  Ami lives in the past.  Spoilers will hurt her.

It was lovely to chat with you all.  Those of you who still need to do a prequel-type chat with House, just for practice, leave me an e-mail or IM.

NL co-mod

Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, February 4th, 2007
5:05 am
[ You. Yes, you. Over there. ] [[MOD POST]]
Hey, all! I'm Ry (or Ryuu), also known as Mod #2 here at Not Lupus. First off, I'd like to say, it's lovely to meet you all - and if I haven't met you yet, well, it'll be wonderful to do so when I do. ;D

This is just a brief announcement type thing, so please listen up!

If people are around today (Sunday), we (Skip and myself) will be talking to you if at all possible. Otherwise, though, the group chat for the game will be on Tuesday night at 10:oo PM Eastern Standard Time!

We're really looking forward to talking to you all, so please make an effort to at least be at the chat. Thanks very much in advance.

- Ryuu

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, February 2nd, 2007
9:18 pm
Greetings, players! 

Welcome to Not Lupus... well, specifically to the out-of-character community for the game.  Here's where Ryuu and I will make any announcements and post other mod-type things, and where we can all discuss possible storylines, plot bunnies, and points of general interest.  It's also where, if you need to be away from the game for any length of time, we ask that you make a post letting everyone know.

It looks like all of our current players have joined both the RPG and OOC comms with their character journals, but you may also watch -- though not join -- these communities with your personal LJs, in case you need a reminder on your friends' page.

I do apologize that this post wasn't done sooner.  After telling my co-mod that I'd happily do the welcome and give you guys some information, the past week became rather hectic.

So, although it's a little short notice, we were wondering if everyone would have a bit of time this weekend to meet as a group.  Doesn't have to be drastically long, but it would be nice if we could all introduce ourselves, discuss some procedural stuff.  We have a few ideas for a beginning storyline on the table, so we should talk about that.  It'll be a good opportunity to ask questions and generally hang out before the game officially starts.

As we don't know your schedules yet, we haven't set a specific time for this event.  I myself will try to be available on both Saturday and Sunday, from evening to late-night.  My AIM SN -- scruffylies -- will be on throughout the weekend, even if I'm away, so please feel free to leave messages. If for some reason the weekend falls through, try to keep Tuesday evening free (post-House, M.D., of course, sometime around 10PM EST).

I believe that's all I have in terms of information at the moment.  Once again, I heartily welcome you all to the game! 

NL co-mod

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
9:52 pm
A Word On Pairings
And now, a word from your mods...

Okay, sure. The House, M.D. television series hints at the private relationships of the characters constantly and you can make a case for just about any subtext imaginable. It’s entertaining to sit through an episode and see if anything comes up that can be construed in favor of your preferred pairing.
Here at Not Lupus, we have concluded that although there have been a lot of things that could be the precursors to an official pairing or pairings, the canon of House, M.D. does not have one. Yet. The subject of whether the show will change that in the third or subsequent seasons is certainly debatable. It’s a fun subject.
But as Not Lupus takes place in an AU Season 3, we are going into the game with no established pairings. None. We are open to any and every possibility, heterosexual and homosexual pairings. But we believe that they should develop as our community develops, as it would have to develop if this were actually the third season.

So, start thinking about what characters you would like to see together, but be prepared to play your character – be they in the main cast, another canon character, or an original creation – as unattached. Please keep this in mind when filling out an application, as well… we want to hear about your character ONLY.

Thank you.

Current Mood: working
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